Head Start Update

OCTOBER 26, 2017, GEORGETOWN: Yesterday, one of our former Head Start employees was arrested by Georgetown Police. This individual was involved in an incident 13 months ago at the Rawleigh Elliott Head Start in Georgetown. Over a year ago, a witness alleged the individual struck a student. The employee was immediately suspended pending investigation. Opportunities initiated an investigation and self-reported the incident to the proper authorities. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the investigation concluded that OWBC was not deficient in meeting minimum standard rules or the law.

We do not have any information regarding law enforcement efforts in the ongoing investigation since last September, but we are aware of the recent arrest and we want to assure our parents and supporters that we are fully engaged and will cooperate with all agencies involved. At this time we anticipate that the legal process will run its course.

Opportunities is always diligent regarding the safety and well-being of our students and care deeply about the children in our care. We do complete background checks and provide ongoing safety training. OWBC’s certifications are reviewed regularly internally and externally to ensure our teachers follow only best practices in and out of the classroom. We are very pleased that parent confidence remains high at all of our centers.